Penn State’s President Says Ridiculous Thing, Gets Laughed At By Angry Alums

  • Glenn Davis

Penn State president Rodney Erickson has a tough job ahead of him, to help the school recover and begin to move on from the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Alumni are angry about what allegedly happened at their school, and who could blame them? Last night, Erickson held a Q&A session with some of those angry alumni. One such angry alum thought the school’s board of trustees should get the boot, with a new one formed in its place. The angry alums rather liked this idea. Erickson wasn’t as keen on it, but the alums really weren’t keen on what he said. Via today’s Outside the Lines:

Whenever you have to clarify your point by saying, “I’m serious,” you have probably already lost the battle. Of course, when you say that the board has to decide if the board gets replaced, you can’t quite say you don’t have it coming.