Roger Federer’s Latest Wimbledon Title Led To Some Of The Most Roger Federer Photos Ever

  • Glenn Davis

As you almost certainly know by now, Roger Federer won Wimbledon yesterday, his record-tying seventh championship at The Championships and record-extending 17th major overall. It had been a couple years since Federer had won a major, and despite still unquestionably being one of the elite players in the game, given his advancing age it was fair to wonder if he’d be permanently stuck on 16. Yesterday, though, Federer looked so good in dismissing Andy Murray, breaking U.K. hearts, and enriching Oxfam thanks to a long-ago wager by a now-deceased bettor that it’s fair to wonder now if he’ll win 20.

There’s a reason to be happy for Federer’s success beyond seeing an all-time great continue to perform so well, however: Federer victory photos. A Federer victory photo – and especially a Federer Wimbledon victory photo – is a magical thing. The combination of the gleaming trophy, the fact that Federer himself is somehow still the picture of elegance despite having just played several hours of grueling tennis, and his increasingly fancy attire results in gold like this. And in the wake of his victory, Federer gave us all more gold than ever. Below, a few the best post-victory Federer photos from his latest triumph – all photos via Getty.

1. The Winners Ball

Only Pete Sampras knows what it’s like to be there as often as Federer. He sure looks like he’s not getting tired of going.

2. Holding Court, Off The Court

Even in something as simple as a gathering at a table with some reporters, Fed owns the room.

3. Greeting The Adoring Throngs

The people want to see the great champion. Clearly, Federer delights in not only giving the people what they want, but in looking the part.

4. Oh, Come On, This Is Too Good

I’ve long been a fan of pointing out that Federer once summed up a particularly good performance by saying, “I was flawless.” That’s Federer – he’s played so well for so long that he can pretty much just state facts about himself and it sounds like bravado. But if it’s bravado, it’s bravado based in reality. Because when I look at that photo above, that champagne, that jacket and the extraordinary record of accomplishment of the man wearing it, all I can think is: man, that guy is flawless.