Ron Artest Graces Jimmy Kimmel Live With Fake Beard (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

We’ve talked a fair amount about Ron Artest’s greatness lately, but if he keeps giving us reasons, we’ll keep writing about it. And when he walks out onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live with a fake beard and the type of hat you might expect to see on Toby Keith…we’re not going to ignore that.

This wasn’t Artest’s first late-night appearance (or even first JKL appearance), but was perhaps the most extensive, and featured his finest wardrobe to date. He even demonstrated his skill in other, non-basketball sports.

Sure, there was some basketball talk (including another number change – he’ll wear 15 this year), but there was also talk about pants. And his favorite singer, Celine Dion, and how freaked out she might get if she found out how much Artest adores her. And getting the key to the city in Vegas. Basically, it was a completely normal evening with Ron Artest. Video below.

Part 1 (Part 2, which we’re having some trouble getting to load on the site, is here, if you can’t see it below):

Part 2: