Don’t Ever Compare 9/11 And Hockey

  • Eric Goldschein

This analogy might be more confusing than it is offensive. But did Canadian broadcaster Ron MacLean do 9/11 first responders a disservice when introducing Game 6 of the Rangers-Capitals?

MacLean covers hockey for CBC, and it was during his opening monologue that he introduced the Rangers (of New York) and the Capitals (of Washington, D.C.) by saying the two cities were “linked by tragedy.” Then, after saying it’s “crazy to compare” 9/11 and hockey, he goes ahead and does just that:

MacLean clarified his upsetting reference yesterday by saying, “We never know if we’ll have that spirit. The bravery, the resilience. As I made clear, the hockey games in no way compare. However Sports has proven a worthy training ground in nurturing the qualities which beget that spirit. To say he plays like a firefighter or a policeman would instantly conjure the traits an athlete most desires, especially in New York and Washington. There could be no higher praise of a player, no greater choice of a role model.”

That’s nice and all, Ron, but you’re still comparing apples to oranges — nay, to cigarette butts. A good idea for the future: keep September 11th and sports separate, unless the two things happen to fall on the same day.

We’d like to think that MacLean being Canadian contributed to his ignorance on the issue, but this just seems like pure, universal stupidity. That being said, if it makes you feel better, watch this video of Robin Williams performing South Park’s “Blame Canada.” After all, they’re not a even a real country anyway.

[Disclaimer: Canada should not be held responsible for MacLean’s words, just like Terrance and Philip should not have been held responsible in the fictitious South Park Movie from 1999. Just making that clear.]

Game 7 between the Rangers and Capitals is on Saturday, by the way.

h/t Brobible