Russ Westbrook Just Won MVP With Two Words

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

The battle should, nay, better be, decided on the court.

But if the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award was decided via words, then Russell Westbrook would be running away with it right now.

Earlier in the week, two-time MVP/one-time discussed as the face of the NBA Stephen Curry, who hasn’t had an MVP type season, was asked who he could give his hypothetical vote to James Harden of the Houston Rockets. Perhaps Curry felt it was perfect timing, as most of the basketball world’s focus is on the college level with March Madness fully underway. Perhaps Curry felt his comments would be lost in the college chaos, but that turned out not to be the case, as the comments found their way to the MVP favorite, Russell Westbrook.

Speaking with reporters before the king of the triple-double and his Oklahoma City Thunder take on the Toronto Raptors, Westbrook was asked about the comments. He began with casual indifference, but the man who wears #0 needed just two words to make his perfect point.

(Cue Curry apologists reminding Russ of the 3-1 lead his Thunder blew against Golden State, followed by LeBron James apologists referencing the Warriors’ blown 3-1 lead, then a whole cesspool of whine will open up)

Now we all know that Westbrook is aware of who Curry is, seeing as how Curry is now aligned the currently injured Kevin Durant, the guy who helped Westbrook place Oklahoma City on the NBA map. Still, it’s interesting to see this already budding rival have another layer added to it, as well as add another subplot to the final weeks of the NBA regular season.

And, if FX wants to get a head start on things, it could serve as a great chapter in Steph and Russ’s season of Feud.