“What? Bro, What Are You Talking About, Man?”: Russell Westbrook, NBA All-Star And Media Sass Machine

  • Dylan Murphy

The Oklahoma City Thunder lost by 15 points to the Utah Jazz last night, but Russell Westbrook wasn’t particularly unspectacular. His 22 points and 5 assists were fine enough, but OKC’s 38-26 disadvantage on the glass proved at least partially responsible for the loss.

Following the game, the media locker room scrum was its usual bluster of innocuous and dull-edged questions, and Westbrook complied with equally cliched indifference. But then a reporter asked him whether or not Utah had won the game or Oklahoma City had lost it – eschewing the fluidity of basketball for a quote. This maneuver, however conniving, is not untried – it’s a staple pot-stirrer and a question Westbrook has probably encountered 500 times in his career. But for whatever reason, he was on particular edge and took exception to the question. Really, bro?

Now this doesn’t quite rival the broiest of Bryce Harper’s bro-sassing – the immortal clown question, bro – but Harper didn’t just up and leave. Then again, Russell Westbrook is a master troll.