Russell Westbrook Single-Handedly Beats The Nets (Video)

  • Barry Rothbard

Russell Westbrook goes up for a rebound and comes down with Nets forward Kris Humphries‘ soul, while giving us a Ray Lewis face. This one-handed put-back is reminiscent of Vince Carter when Vince had knees. Humphries (who doubles as Kim Kardashian‘s newest boy toy) performs a fundamentally sound blockout of Nenad Kristic, while Westbrook breezes past him and above the rim.

Westbrook went absolutely nuts last night, putting up a 38-15-9 line while leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a triple-OT win in NewarkPosterization is becoming a habit for Westbrook, whom Bill Simmons recently coined “Stringer Westbrook” to Kevin Durant‘s “Avon Durant” in an ode to HBO’s “The Wire.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the best show ever, while drug kingpin Avon Barksdale was in jail, Avon’s right-hand man Stringer Bell takes the Barksdale organization (they deal lots of dope) to the next level in season two. In the three games Durant has missed this season, Westbrook has led the Thunder to wins over Boston, Milwaukee, and now the Nets while putting up some scary numbers.

OK, so it’s a parallel, and it’s an example of the Ewing Theory. But the Thunder can’t contend without Durant. They lack a scary outside threat aside from Durant…not to mention he’s one of the best players in the league. In reality, Westbrook’s emergence just makes the Thunder that much scarier in the playoffs.

And it could make for the most exciting dunk contest in years. Let’s just say it would behoove the NBA to simply pit Westbrook and uber-dunker Blake Griffin in a steel-cage-type dunking contest come All-Star weekend.