Your Latest Evidence That Ryan Lochte Is Very Dumb: This Amazing Quote

  • Dan Fogarty

In case you were unaware, Olympic gold medal swimmer and noted astrophysicist Ryan Lochte will soon have a cameo on the 90210 reboot. Access Hollywood caught up with the lovably dumb Lochte on the set while he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and in addition to seeing some clips from the upcoming episode (which are bad in the best way possible) we also got some words of wisdom from the aquatic philosopher. And don’t worry:┬áLochte kept his amazing streak of remarkably stupid (but strangely poignant!) soundbites alive.

The hardest part about acting, according to Ryan Lochte:

“Memorizing lines… and… trying to like, say ’em, and still, like, do movement and all that. That was hard.”

The video evidence that he said that, if you don’t believe me. Fast forward to the 30-second mark if you don’t want to see Lochte acting (although I wouldn’t recommend that, because it’s pretty great).

Wonderful. God bless you, you gold-medal-winning son of a gun.

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