France’s Samir Nasri Cursed Out A Reporter After France’s Loss To Spain, Athletes Applaud Everywhere

  • Dylan Murphy

Major American sports demand athletes to conduct postgame press conferences, even after gut-wrenching losses. The player is probably emotionally charged, but leaves his angry hat in the locker room and supplies bland and cliched quotes with little incisive insight. Even when the questions are overly biting, meant to elicit hostile jabs that will ultimately bolster pageviews, players usually maintain their guarded exteriors.

I don’t know if Europe has a similar tradition of politically correct wining and dining between media members and their athletic subjects, but based on my general impression of European media, there’s a more honest back and forth. After France’s 2-0 loss to Spain in the Quarterfinal of Euro 2012, France’s Samir Nasri gave one French reporter an unfiltered piece of his mind.

“Nasri: ‘You’re always writing shit stories about us.’
Reporter: ‘Well get lost, then …’
Nasri: ‘You tell me to get lost? Come and we’ll sort it out over there. …’
Reporter: ‘That’s it …’
Nasri: ‘Fuck you, go fuck your mother, you son of a bitch. Fuck you, that way you can say I’m rude. ‘”

Only in Europe.

[Dirty Tackle]