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Samuel L. Jackson Is Far And Away The Best Color Commentator Of The Olympics

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Samuel L. Jackson has uttered his fair share of iconic lines throughout his illustrious career in cinema. But he’s upstaging every memorable character he’s ever portrayed with his real life Twitter-self. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Olympic-themed tweets of Samuel L. Jackson.

Apparently, Jackson is a huge fan of the Olympics and is having more fun watching them than you or me. He has kept his Twitter account open and handy throughout the first weekend of the competition, imparting his hilarious commentary unto his 1.1 million-plus followers. You might want to add yourself to that collection—here’s a sampling of what you’re missing (via Jackson’s verified Twitter):

Maybe the French team cut back on their Royale with Cheese intake.

How would you even say that word in real life? Please let me know so I can start using it.

Jackson just knows how to use Twitter the right way. I’m about ready to mute my television and just have someone read me Jackson’s tweets as substitute play-by-play. He’d certainly give Rowdy Gaines a run for his money.

Oh, and my favorite tweet of all, mostly because I found myself thinking the same thing, though not as eloquently: