Wait… You’re Not Michelle Beadle

  • Dan Fogarty

This afternoon, the SportsGrid crew and I were perusing channels on one of the LED screens at our fortress of blogitude, when we happened upon ESPN’s SportsNation.

“Great,” we thought, “a chance to catch up with friend-of-the-site-and-overall-awesome-lady Michelle Beadle, while being kept abreast of some of the day’s more amusing sports-related viral videos.”

Imagine our shock, then, when we found someone else co-hosting the show.


It’s safe to say that our very world was rocked to its core as we stared into the Beadleless abyss.

Chagrin. Bamboozlement. Hoodwinkment. These were only some of the things we felt as we tried to make sense of what was going on.

Where was Beadle? Was she okay? Was she sick? Oh God, we hoped she wasn’t sick. Who would trade witty, playful barbs with Colin Cowherd? Who would introduce videos of Japanese soccer players doing anime-inspired goal celebrations, or segue into poll results that asked whether Derek Jeter or Minka Kelly had more upside?

Answer: Sara Walsh.

And Sara Walsh, it would turn out, was up for the challenge. Comfortable on camera, and up to play good cop to Cowherd’s make-you-angry-cop, Walsh did a fine job of shepherding us through the Beadle Embargo of 2010.

She’s a relatively new face at ESPN, but recently landed a much-cited interview with the endlessly quotable Albert Haynesworth in which the Redskins’ lineman proclaimed that he wants to be the “greatest defensive lineman of all time.”

So while we were initially shell-shocked at the prospect of making it through a sports variety show without the dry wit of Beadle to sweeten the pot, we’d like to thank Walsh for getting us through the ordeal in one piece.