Man On The News: Sarah Palin May Have Had A “Thang For Chocolate”

  • Dan Fogarty

By now you’ve heard that conservative political lightning rod and Fox News pundit Sarah Palin may or may not have had an affair with a college-aged Glen Rice. You may have also heard that Palin, then a TV reporter for Alaska’s KTUU, allegedly had a “fetish for black men.”

The CW’s Daily Buzz sure has. And going with their “Morning News, Morning Fun!” mantra, they decided to highlight this point.

No matter how ugly this discussion gets (and it will get ugly over the next few days, because something tells me Palin’s conservative base won’t respond well to the whole “black men fetish” thing), let’s not lose sight of something: Palin is three years older than Rice. And I’ll tell you why this matters.

In 1987, when the alleged hookup occurred, she was 23 and just starting her TV career. Rice was 20 and still in school. There are currently no other details about this alleged one-night stand, other than the fact that Rice confirmed it, but do the math: Palin is slightly older, a former beauty queen, and on TV. Rice is a college kid. Not a normal college kid, mind you, because he stood 6-foot-8 and would go on to become Michigan’s all-time leading scorer, but a college kid nonetheless.

So if, at some point down the road, someone, somewhere tries to tell you that, surely, Sarah Palin must have been duped, tricked, or otherwise Jedi-Mindtricked into bed with Glen Rice, remind them of everything I just told you. She was a little older, very good looking, a professional, and in her home town. She had a lot of the power in this situation. At the very least, the initial attraction was mutual.

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