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School Can’t Name Team “Cougars” Because It’s Offensive To Hot, Middle-Aged Women

  • Dan Fogarty

Administrators at a soon-to-be-opened Utah high school have rejected the name “Cougars” for the school’s sports teams, despite the fact that it received 23% of the vote in a poll of future students. The reason? “Cougar” is an increasingly popular term used for attractive, middle-aged women.

Calling the term “derogatory,” the Canyons School District refused to allow the new team name at Corner Canyon High. They also cited its overuse as a mascot name in sports, saying schools like BYU already feature the mountain lion/hot woman who’s a little older than you for its team name.

The other options, which have nothing to do with each other and make it look like someone picked existing sports team names out of a hat:

— Diamondbacks
— Falcons
— Raptors
— Broncos
— Bears
— Cavaliers
— Chargers

And yes, there’s currently a petition that says none of those names are creative. How is this school the least fun school ever, and it’s not even open yet?

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