Shaq And Conan Sit On Comically Undersized Furniture

  • Glenn Davis

Shaquille O’Neal has a bit of history of saying incendiary (if inarguable) things on Conan O’Brien’s program. Therefore, perhaps one tuned in to Conan’s show last night expecting controversy. Expecting a feud to be born, or perhaps just inflamed. What you actually got, though, was… the visual gag of everyone sitting on tiny sofas (thanks, apparently, to adorable puppies).

Sure, Shaq said things, on topics like melding two Ferraris together into one mega-Ferrari big enough to accommodate him, his forthcoming doctorate, and sharing basketball strategies with his son. But for us, this was all about the visual gag of three grown men (and remember, Shaq isn’t the only big one of the bunch: Conan’s 6-4) using furniture many, many sizes too small. And… it’s actually kind of strange how quickly you get used to it. There’s no way this scene should look at all natural, but the guys almost look comfortable doing it – which was, to us, the greatest achievement of this segment.

Video below, in two parts, via Team Coco. If the “Dr. Shaq” thing doesn’t eventually lead to a “Trust me, I’m a doctor” Dr. Pepper commercial, then we know nothing.

[Outside the Box Score]