Shaq Was Almost With Biggie Smalls The Night He Died

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday was Shaquille O’Neal’s 39th birthday (feeling old yet?), but this time of year also brings to mind a much sadder anniversary for Shaq. Wednesday will mark the 14th anniversary of the death of legendary rapper – and Shaq’s friend – The Notorious B.I.G…and a reminder to Shaq that he had plans to meet up with Biggie the night he was shot.

Shaq recently talked with ESPN’s Outside the Lines about his friendship with the man born Christopher Wallace, which began when Shaq heard Biggie reference him and a song, and eventually included a collaboration on the song “Can’t Stop the Reign.” And he detailed how he made plans to go to Biggie’s party the night he was shot, but never made it…something he understandably still thinks about.

According to Shaq, he simply fell asleep that night, only to wake up to a phone call informing him his friend was shot. Shaq later wondered in his autobiography if his presence could have made a difference, which Biggie’s cousin Lil Cease (who was present at the time of the shooting) believes it would have. A haunting thought and memory to carry – video of the Outside the Lines segment below.