If Someone Could Explain What The Hell Shaq Is Doing Here, That Would Be Great

  • Glenn Davis

The Inside the NBA crew sure isn’t explaining what’s happening in the video below – they don’t seem to have any more of an idea than we do. Even Shaq, the one who was actually doing it, can only offer that something was in his ear – but that explanation only goes so far, since much of what he was doing had nothing to do with any kind of motion one might expect from someone trying to dislodge an object from their ear. See what we mean:

Unless he was trying to get something off his face and head in addition to out of his ear, we’re at a loss. Our own CJ Fogler, who took the video above as well as this gif, thought – as you might have guessed, based on the gif’s URL – that Shaq looked like someone who was tripping on acid. However, we highly doubt Shaq was dropping acid, so that doesn’t help us too much either. Oh well – maybe it’s best to leave this one a mystery. Jazz highlights do strange things to people, apparently.