Shaq In Talks To Appear At WrestleMania

  • Glenn Davis

Shaquille O’Neal might be spicing up more than your NBA telecasts. Camel Clutch Blog, going off an interview Shaq conducted earlier this week, said that a WrestleMania 28 appearance for the former superstar center/current Inside the NBA analyst is in the works.

It makes enough sense to think it’s really happening – this wouldn’t even be Shaq’s WWE debut. He made an appearance on Raw back in 2009, fighting The Big Show, which makes sense since size-wise, he’s one of the few people who actually measures up to Shaq. Reportedly, this upcoming WrestleMania fight would continue that arc and Shaq would square off against Big Show once more.

BUT WAIT. As much as this seems to make sense since Shaq’s retired now and his name recognition would undoubtedly send WrestleMania hype up a few levels, there could be a stumbling block: the fact that Shaq spilled the beans.

It should be noted that Bryan Alvarez of reported on the website’s podcast that the WWE is not happy that this got out. I note that because there is a possibility that the company changes its mind if this whole angle was scheduled to revolve around a surprise.

But even if the WWE’s not happy, we can’t imagine this actually prevents the entire match from happening. They’re going to turn down someone with Shaq’s star power for not sticking to the script? We have our doubts. And hey, maybe the WWE “not being happy” will all just be part of the script when the actual event comes around, and Shaq can have an intense faceoff with Vince McMahon. And if any of that happens, you heard it here first.


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