SHOTS FIRED: LeBron Makes ESPN Look Foolish As Former SI Writer Jeff Pearlman Calls Out Chris Broussard's B.S.

  • Jake O'Donnell

The decision 1.0 was probably influenced by ESPN. After all, they enjoyed some pretty ridiculous ratings that night (a 7.3 on the Nielsen scale). They love the shit stink kicked up by the traveling NBA free agency circus as it stampedes through the internet. This time around, Bron made up his mind the old fashioned way — telling an actual journalist who in turn co-authored his revelation that he was, in fact, returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Apparently he did this a while ago.

ESPN did not see this coming. Good work SI, way to stick it to the mothership.

Moments before the article was published, Chris Broussard had reported that LeBron was still hung up on Dan Gilbert’s letter, which was delaying his decision. Turns out all that was bullshit. Now his career covering the NBA “might be over,” according to former Sports Illustrated writer Jeff Pearlman, who also happens to be a New York Times best-selling author. Apparently some sports writers take Broussard’s liberal usage of mysterious sources as a slap in the face of journalism.

Sources indicate Chris Broussard to undergo season ending surgery to remove head from ass.

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