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SI Vault Takes Rare Misstep With Lorenzen Wright/Clippers Crack (Photo)

  • Glenn Davis

Andy Gray runs the SI Vault, from which he tweets all forms of vintage sports photos. These photos are nearly always awesome, whether they’re highlighting clean-shaven-vs.-current Brian Wilson, the two-sport career of Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, or the many mustaches of a 1980s NBA locker room. (And those are just from the last week.)

But every so often, old photos can bring up bad memories. Earlier today, Gray accidentally did just that, with a tweet meant to memorialize the seemingly eternal futility of the Los Angeles Clippers:

“It’s the 1996 NBA Draft Board. And surprise surprise, the Clippers made the worst pick:”

And here’s the photo of that very draft board:

As you can see, the Clipper pick in question is Lorenzen Wright. Wright, you’ll remember, died earlier this summer. Unfortunately, Gray forgot about this, and regretted it immediately:

Sorry about that last Tweet (!/si_vault/status/28697822001) – totally forgot about Wright’s death. Not my finest moment.

We give Gray credit for acknowledging the error in judgment quickly, and not pretending it never happened. It’s pretty much impossible not to enjoy the treasure trove of material he presents on a daily basis – rare unintentional, unfortunate mistakes and all.

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