Report: Siri Might Soon Be Able To Tell You Sports Scores, By Way Of ESPN

  • Dan Fogarty

I do not own an iPhone, but I imagine it’s fun to shout questions at Siri — the phone’s voice-activated personal assistant — and get answers immediately.

I’m sure that it’s satisfying to get directions to a restaurant, to send someone a text message, or to schedule something on your calendar simply by shouting.

(I doubt it’s satisfying, however, to ask Siri to call me “Rock God,” like the Worst Kid Ever did in the commercial.)

One thing that’s been mysteriously lacking from Siri’s arsenal of information — and has no doubt left sports fans feeling unsatisfied up to this point — is sports knowledge. That may soon change, according to a developer named Evan Coleman.

Via Macgasm. Note: “Speech tokens” are what Siri interprets as a single word, phrase, or thing.

While working on SiriSports, a popular Siri tweak in the Cydia store, Colemen noticed that Apple’s servers are suddenly recognizing team names as a single token. For instance, Siri’s servers now recognize the New York Yankees as a particlular item instead of three distinct words

ESPN has also recently opened up an API for premium partners, and Colemen wondered if ESPN’s API was about to be included in Siri. ESPN sent Coleman an email, saying they “[work] closely with Apple on many fronts.”

Indeed, asking Siri “Did the Knicks beat the Bucks?” or “Who won the Packers game yesterday?” seems like it would be a no-brainer for any sports brand to help implement. Additionally, if you could incorporate trivia into it somehow — like, say, asking Siri who won the 1976 NBA title, or what team had the most passing yards in the NFC during the 2003 season — it could help settle a lot of bar arguments on the spot.

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