ESPN’s Skip Bayless Reportedly Lied About His High School Basketball Career

  • Eric Goldschein

ESPN’s Skip Bayless is a character, man. He’s also, as it turns out, kind of a fibber. Foot in mouth time!

On March 31st, Skip Bayless had something to say. He took to Twitter to make his statement. Here are the offending tweets, which nobody in the world asked for. Skip had been discussing his unpopular opinion that Russell Westbrook stop running the point in Oklahoma City, so maybe he was trying to justify his expertise by telling everyone the following:

So, Skip, you started for your high school team, and were something of a “Pistol Pete” Maravich in your day, huh? Let’s check out what The Lost Ogle uncovered about Skip’s days as an MVP:

Skip Bayless scored a grand total of 21 points in 15 games as the “starting” point guard for the 1970 state runner-up. That averages out to 1.4 points per game. Considering his coach didn’t like him because he “shot too much,” you have to wonder how low his field goal shooting percentage was. And thank God we don’t have Skip’s stats for assists, rebounds or turnovers. It would be sad to see John Hollinger’s brain explode while trying to figure out Skip’s PER.

As it turns out, Skip Bayless was not telling the truth about being a fantastic basketball player in high school. Oh no! — does that mean we will no longer be able to take Skip Bayless seriously? That is for the few people who watch First Take to decide.

On the other hand, this was pretty shocking (via The Lost Ogle):

Skip Bayless wore number 23 before it was cool? Was Michael Jordan trying to “Be Like Skip?” Is Skip actually awesome? Perhaps that is the crazy alternate reality we live in.

h/t Black Sports Online