Slick Rick Gives Awful Performance At Nets-Knicks Game, Guy Filming YouTube Video Wonders Aloud If He’s Drunk

  • Dan Fogarty

Last night, Slick Rick gave a terrible performance at the Barclays Center during halftime of the Knicks-Nets game. It was so bad, that Frank Isola of the New York Daily News questioned Rick the Ruler’s status as a hip-hop legend. As you can tell by the amount of crap Isola caught for making this statement, it wasn’t a popular one.

While we don’t agree with Isola — the guy who made “Children’s Story” is a legend, terrible live performance be damned — Rick’s showing at Barclays last night was certainly… not his best.

And by “not his best,” we mean he sounded like he had just taken a whole mess of Ambien.