Snoop Dogg Calls Pau Gasol A “Punk B—” During Delightful Rant

  • Dan Fogarty

California rapper and noted Laker fan Snoop Dogg routinely relays his thoughts on the team through his widely-read Twitter account, which boasts over 5.5 million followers. Last night, as the Lakers fell to the Clippers 103-108 during the final preseason game of the season, Snoop-a-loop seemed angry. And guess who caught the brunt of that anger? Yep! His old pal, Pau Gasol.

Snoop has been an outspoken critic of the lanky Spaniard going back to last year’s playoffs, when he called Gasol “soft.” And during last night’s game, he brought up that “s” word again — along with the “f” word, the “b” word, and perhaps the most damning word of all, the “w” word: “weanie.”

Here’s Snoop’s full stream of Pau hating, in which he recommends the Lakers acquire Pau’s less-soft brother, Grizzlies forward Marc Gasol.

Pau gasol is soft as fucc we need to get his bitch ass on the 1st thing smoking hes a fuccn weanie. this is comn from laker fan #1…

Fucc gasol hes a bitch we need mark gasol this ones a punk bitch. We need a pointguard bynum ballen his ass off!

Kobe make the call get his hoe ass outta here! Blake ballen a lil bit!

Delightful! Now, it needs to be noted that Snoop’s new collaborative album with Wiz Khalifa debuted at a disappointing #29 on the Billboard albums chart this week, so some of that Pau anger might be stemming from the lackluster sales numbers. Hopefully, that album doesn’t move up in the charts, and we’re treated to a whole season of spirited commentary fueled by professional frustration.

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