Some Guy Who Told Rick Raisman To Sit Down Probably Didn’t Know He Was Aly Raisman’s Dad

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Aly Raisman now has two individual medals (gold in floor, bronze in beam), but America’s gymnastics golden girl of these 2012 Olympics still isn’t nearly as fun to watch as her parents Lynn and Rick (who I think literally sit on pins and needles). My guess is the guy who gave Rick Raisman the “Hey you! Down in front!” treatment never saw this. Congratulations unknowing spectator, you are now America’s public enemy No. 1.

The curmudgeonly man could have been a supporter of Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor, who got crowded out of the podium in beam by an appeal Team Raisman filed after being discontent with her score, and finished closely behind Aly in floor with a score she (and the audience) felt could have been higher.

But assuming the guy who picked the best/worst seat in the house had nothing to do with Ponor, someone should tell him he’s not in a movie theater. He’s at an Olympic gymnastics final. People are going to be excited, they are going to cheer, they are going to stand and on the off chance the gold medalist’s family is sitting in front of you, they are going to go absolutely bat-shit crazy. Maybe you should let them bask in their moment.

Video via CJ Fogler