Something We Just Learned: Vince Carter Led His High School Marching Band

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier today, Andy Gray of the impossibly fun SI Vault Twitter feed posed a question: “Did you know that Vince Carter was the leader of his high school marching band in Daytona Beach?” Luckily, he also provided this photo:

As far as Gray’s question goes, we have to say: we didn’t know. It’s not like it was a closely guarded state secret or anything – just one of those bits of info that, regrettably, escaped our grasp until now. And in case you were like us in that respect…well, aren’t you glad you know now? Look at Carter! We can only hope he spends his nuclear winter exploring his musical side…preferably wearing this uniform the whole time. And also when he comes back to play. Basically, we just want him to wear that outfit at all times.