Spike Lee Does Not Approve Of Pablo Prigioni’s Purple Shoes (Video)

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Spike Lee is a few things. Movie director. World’s most transparent Knicks fan. Fashion connoisseur? Based on some of the outfits he styles at Madison Square Garden, including but not limited to the very one he wears in this video, maybe I’m taking his advice with a grain of salt if I’m Pablo Prigioni.

To Spike’s credit, purple is predominantly associated in the basketball world with the Lakers (the gold swooshes certainly don’t help either), and that’s not something Prigioni should be sporting on the court. Prigioni and Amar’e Stoudemire assured Spike that he didn’t wear these shoes during games. After Spike and Stoudemire urged Prigioni to go to NIKEiD to get custom-made kicks, he pleaded that he tried, but they only had purple in the model he wanted. Somewhere, The Grimace is barefoot.

But c’mon Spike, you routinely have a pom on your head.