Sports Anchor Heroically Dunks On Small Child, Again (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

WGN reporter Pat Tomasulo caught a lot of flack for dunking on a small child last year. Sure, the unnecessary showing of force made the four-year-old burst into tears, but life is like that sometimes. Sometimes you get dunked on by grown sports anchors.

Liberal youth sports namby-pambys made Tomasulo the focus of their outrage for “traumatizing” the “small child,” when, in fact, he should have been hailed as a hero. Basketball stars like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Charles Oakley have long been crushing the dreams of small children who think that life is all rainbows and 8th-place medals. Sorry Charlie, but you DON’T get a trophy for showing up.

Kudos to Tomasulo, an ordinary Chicago sportscaster, for taking the time to teach our nation’s youth the importance of getting your shot knocked into the driveway across the street.

Here’s Tomasulo, once again giving the tiny human a lesson in Darwinism: