“Live From Tucson, Just Barely:” Local Sports Anchor Almost Run Over On Live TV

  • Matthew De George

On-site reporting has its perils, and San Diego ABC 10News sports director Ben Higgins experienced a bizarre example while on air live after San Diego State’s win over Northern Colorado in the NCAA Tournament’s Round of 64.

Just as Higgins described how the Aztecs “live to fight another day”, he’s put in peril by a white SUV that backs up the entire length of the driveway from which their broadcasting and nearly plows into Higgins.

A little quick thinking by his camera supervisor gets the message through to the driver and Higgins continues his intro to the highlights from off camera before throwing it to pre-recorded material (which we can only assume covered up a fair amount of screaming and swearing at the driver.)

Higgins comes back on camera with a “back here live from Tucson, just barely” and some praise for this crew, who can be seen vigilantly patrolling the background of the post-incident shot to stop any other wayward motorists.