Sports Radio Personality Drops F-Bomb During Appearance On FOX

  • Brad Cohen

After his interview on FOX, Philadelphia sports radio personality Mike Missanelli thought his microphone was off, so he didn’t realize he was on air when he started using some…colorful language.

Missanelli is known for his passion on air, but it’s gotten him into trouble in the past—he’s been involved in several physical altercations with listeners and co-workers, and once called Philadelphia Eagles kicker David Akers a “girl” and non-athlete during an interview.

This time, Mikey Miss was caught on TV dropping an F Bomb (followed by some more colorful stuff) during the 5 o’ clock news, as anchor Lauren Cohn continued, straight faced, to preview a story about whether independent women are are keeping men from growing up.

Watch below:

Missanelli later apologized for his offensive language, and it seems he felt really, really terrible about it. Watch below as he says he’s sorry from the bottom of his heart:

And how ’bout those Sixers!