Minor League Baseball Team Takes Advantage Of Weinergate With Special Boxers Giveaway

  • Glenn Davis

UPDATE: We should add this promotion will take place July 23, ostensibly in honor of National Hot Dog Day. The press release never mentions Anthony Weiner by name, but also doesn’t exactly hide that he inspired this giveaway.

The original post is below.

Yesterday we called minor league baseball “the domain of outlandish manager behavior,” but it’s also the province of crazy team promotions. From a random guy named Kevin Bacon throwing out the first pitch to whoopee cushions symbolizing the Metrodome’s collapse, minor league teams will do just about anything to put fans in the seats…including brilliantly spoofing the political scandal of the moment.

The scandal: “Weinergate,” in which (married) Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) sent inappropriate pictures of himself to, and engaged in inappropriate conversations with, women online. You’ve clearly heard about this already, though. What you probably haven’t heard: the St. Paul Saints, the independent minor league baseball team behind the whoopee cushion promotion we linked to before, is giving Weinergate its own spin.

Weiner’s troubles began when a photo emerged from Weiner’s Twitter account of a man in his underwear who pretty clearly had an erection. Weiner said account had been hacked. Not only hadn’t Weiner’s account been hacked, but it was his penis and his last name was Weiner. So now, the Saints are responding to the scandal with some underwear of their own…and it’s pretty much a Taiwanese animation representation of Weinergate in boxer shorts form. Via Darren Rovell, behold:

We guess this is the part where we mention that the Saints count among their co-owners both Mike Veeck (son of legendary baseball owner Bill Veeck, the king of crazy promotions), and Bill Murray (who is Bill Murray).

This is also the part where we say: fantastic. It’s all there – the Twitter bird, the camera, the weiner – why, it makes us want to trek up to St. Paul ourselves and snag a pair. Weiner might have ruined his career and put terrible strain on his marriage with this scandal, but with a byproduct this good, we find it difficult to say he took those penis pictures entirely in vain.