Stephen A. Smith Has Heard Something Terrible About LeBron James’ Personal Life, But Won’t Say What

  • Dan Fogarty

In an appearance on Mike and Mike this morning, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith alluded to something terrible that he heard is going on in LeBron James‘ personal life that may be affecting his play in the NBA Finals. Stephen A., of course, would not divulge what that terrible thing was, but don’t worry, I’m sure no one will draw any sort of wildly speculative conclusions.

This morning, Smith said that he’s “[heard] things” through the “grapevine” of a “personal nature,” and it may or may not involve, “somebody other than the player,” and it may or may not “have a profound effect on the player,” and it has nothing to do with “the game of basketball.”

And yes, this is exactly how sordid teammate-on-mom rumors start. Here’s video of Smith’s appearance from this morning, so you can mark the exact date and time with which we all started wondering if Udonis was slipping Gloria James his Haslem.

[h/t The Big Lead]