Stephen A. Smith Reports That LeBron James And Chris Bosh Are Going To The Miami Heat

  • Dan Fogarty

LeBron James and Chris Bosh are going to the Miami Heat, according to Stephen A. Smith.

Smith told Dan Patrick on Patrick’s morning show today that it’s, “highly likely,” and that he “got a call last night from a source and I double-checked it with another.”

“They told me essentially that LeBron James and Chris Bosh are going to tag team and go together and join Dwyane Wade in Miami.”

Meanwhile, Smith has received criticism from Bill Simmons over a perceived jumping of the gun. Simmons tweeted the following after Smith’s report started to make the rounds:

Adding to the weirdness is the fact that a piece detailing Smith’s scoop on Fox Sports has no text.

Back to what Smith said on Dan Patrick. Apparently, Dwyane Wade was the catalyst for Bosh and James’ sudden interest, doing a “very, very good job of convincing them (James and Bosh) not just about Pat Riley,” but about “state income taxes” and the fact that they can win “multiple championships” as a tandem.

So, one of two things just happened. Either Stephen A. got the scoop of the century, and will be able to tell everyone who ever made fun of his shouty voice to suck it, or he was given some bad information, jumped the gun, and will be dogged ruthlessly for it.