'First Take' Devolves Further Into Chaos As Stephen A. Smith Rips Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt, The Cowboys And Skip Bayless All At Once

  • Eric Goldschein

first takeThe “First Take” guys talked about the preseason beating the Seahawks put on the Bears over the weekend, and as you might expect, it was a clusterfuck of trolling. Stephen A. Smith was in top form, ripping everything from Jay Cutler to the Cowboys to Skip Bayless himself.

It was borderline weird how many insults Smith threw into this one, and he could barely speak by the end of it Calm down dude, it’s preseason. Watch:

The fallout from that rant led to Bayless defending the Bears, which turned into the quintessential “First Take” clip. If you ever need to explain to someone what this show is — say, aliens who want to understand the full spectrum of human depravity — send them this:

In the end, Smith ENDED UP APOLOGIZING TO CUTLER, because Cari Champion revealed that Cutler donated $15,000 to the Jackie Robinson West Little League team from Chicago. “I didn’t know, Jay Cutler — but I still don’t think you’re making the playoffs.”