Stephen Colbert Wants Jeremy Lin To Endorse His Line Of Jeremy-Lin-Themed Products

  • Glenn Davis

Stephen Colbert was gone last week, and that meant he missed the tidal wave of Jeremy Lin publicity that swept up the NBA. Luckily for him, though, it’s still going strong (Lin’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week, for crying out loud) – more than strongly enough for Colbert to devote the opening segment of last night’s program to his own Linsanity… and more importantly: 1) try a few more Lin name puns on a public still thirsting for them; 2) use a couple such Lin puns to try to rope Lin into an endorsement deal:

Honestly, the best lines might have been before the Lin segment even started. Talking about bad news for “handsome millionaires from Massachusetts” while Mitt Romney and Tom Brady pop up on the screen? Gold. Gold, we tell you. “Lintestinal blockage” is a keeper too, though. Colbert even got a nice Knicks burn in there, because you can’t do a segment involving the Knicks without making fun of the Knicks. Just a fact of life. Also, Jeremy: if you do go to Colbert for a sponsorship deal, we’d go with the LINoleum tiles (pictured above). Snazzy.