Stephen Colbert Is Outraged That His Pro-Owner NBA Lockout Commercial Never Aired

  • Glenn Davis

It figures that Stephen Colbert (the Colbert Report pundit character, that is) would be on the side of the NBA owners in the league’s ongoing lockout, and sure enough, he is. He’s so pro-owner, in fact, that not long after talking with Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on his show, Colbert filmed a pro-owner lockout commercial. So confident was Colbert in his owner-backing, in fact, that he arranged for the ad to be shown on Dallas ABC affiliate WFAA. WFAA, though, never aired the ad…and Colbert isn’t happy about it:

Though the ad, and the owner-backing it does, is of course a spoof, what’s interesting is that both in the clip above and on the website for Colbert SuperPAC, Colbert all but says, “Mark Cuban was the anonymous donor.” Colbert is all but daring David Stern to fine Cuban for this – though we imagine Colbert would have had sufficient funds to produce the ad whether or not Cuban gave him money.

We’re sure of this, though: Stern is less than thrilled with Cuban being linked to any kind of lockout talk, and especially not the kind of lockout talk that mocks his own side. We hope the commish does find some way to discipline Cuban for his (apparent) involvement in all this, just because it would be hilarious. Stephen Colbert mucking up lockout negotiations?! That’s too good. And for our own entertainment purposes, the fact that Cuban always seems to make Stern’s job tougher at all times is good, too.

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