SUAREZ BITE REACTIONS: Lalas Is Compassionate, Ballack Is Pragmatic

  • Jake O'Donnell

In a very unconventional “good cop/bad cop” routine, ESPN commentators Alexi Lalas and Michael Ballack were asked about the Luis Suarez bite controversy, which reached critical mass today as he did it for a third time — signaling a real problem and not just a temporary lapse in judgement.

Expecting Lalas to freak out (as he often does), we were surprised to see him immediately go human on the whole issue, which is currently the biggest story of the 2014 World Cup. Here are their paraphrased reactions to the bite heard round the world.

Lalas: “I immediately thought about his kids. They have to go to school and live with this. How does he explain his actions to them?”

Ballack: “Don’t talk too much about it and give him a big fine and suspension.”

Pretend like it didn’t happen? Ha — you can connect the dots all you want with Ballack’s response, but he’s probably right. They both are. This isn’t a soccer problem, it’s a human problem and Luis Suarez needs serious help.