Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet! Ron Burgundy To Call Curling Olympic Trials, In Character, For TSN

  • Rick Chandler

Until now my favorite live sports broadcasting efforts have been Pepper Brooks in “Dodgeball” and Harry Doyle in “Major League”. But this news contains potential to break atop that list. Some may say that Will Ferrell will be working for TSN at the Dec. 1 Canadian Olympic curling trials, but no, it will be Ron Burgundy all the way.

In fact, who is this Ferrell fellow you speak of?

Ron Burgundy, the legendary broadcaster who made the 2004 movie Anchorman a runaway hit, will be coming to Winnipeg, according to a YouTube video leaked Sunday morning and confirmed by TSN. Burgundy will be called upon to provide his unique perspective to TSN’s curling coverage at the Roar of the Rings on Dec. 1 at MTS Centre.

TSN teased viewers with a press release on Saturday saying Burgundy, played memorably by comedian Will Ferrell, would be taking on a role with the sports network in December. Details of those duties were to be announced during Sunday’s Grey Cup coverage, but the news got out earlier than expected. Shortly after the video leaked, however, it was converted to a private video until TSN made the announcement official prior to the Grey Cup kickoff.

My opinion? Pretty great, but needs more Steve Carell.

This isn’t even the strangest publicity stunt for the Dec. 2 release of “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”. Check these out.