The Devils Won Last Night Despite A Porn Star’s Attempt To Distract Them

  • Glenn Davis

Well, the Devils lived to fight another day last night, downing the Kings 3-1 and forcing a Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, to be played in Newark on Saturday. While of course coming back from a 3-0 deficit is nearly impossible and the Kings haven’t lost on the road yet this postseason, it’s always better to still be in it, and even with the Kings being unbeatable away from their home ice, there has to be some advantage to having the home crowd cheer them on, no?

Either way, having a slim chance is better than having no chance, and the Devils were impressive in the way they battled through adversity last night. We’re not just talking the adversity of playing with their backs to the wall – and against an absurdly red-hot Kings team – either. No, we’re talking about the adversity created by fans. Specifically, one fan seated behind the Devils bench – who was apparently a porn star named Taylor Stevens (tip: if you’re at work, just read the tweet below and avoid going to her actual Twitter page):

And how did Stevens try to distract the Devils? You can probably guess:

Of course, even if it might have worked momentarily…

…it ultimately wasn’t enough. But good job, good effort. And if she didn’t distract the Devils, she clearly distracted plenty of viewers, many of whom chimed in about the breasts they saw on TV and were then retweeted by Stevens, the owner of said breasts. (She seemed to like the attention she got, believe it or not.) If the series has to return to L.A., might she try to distract the Devils again? Because there’s still, you know, one thing she hasn’t tried yet.

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