That 9-Year-Old Girl Who Dominates In Football Is Now On A Wheaties Box

  • Dylan Murphy

You remember Sam Gordon, don’t you? The completely unstoppable 9-year-old football player? The girl? Yes, her. Her internet fame grew wildly after that YouTube video made the rounds, mostly because girls + football = head asplode.

Her fame grew so wildly, it turns out, that she’s now on the Wheaties box. Though we didn’t realize that was still a thing, it’s still pretty sweet. Other Wheaties athletes include, Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson and Lou Gehrig, to name a few, so she’s among impressive company. Earlier today she found herself on SportsCenter and Good Morning America to promote herself, latest athlete to find herself on the Wheaties box, and it was awesome.

Anyway, just watch the SportsCenter interview, it’s quite adorable/awesome/badass.

Her football nickname is “Sweet Feet?” That, my internet friends, is a great nickname to have.

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