“That Looks F*cking…That Looks Like It’s Fun”: Seth Davis Was Really Excited About FGCU’s Post-Upset Celebration

  • Dylan Murphy

Before Duke and Creighton tipped off in the round of 32 last night, “Tournament Central” on TBS with Seth Davis, Steve Smith, Pittsburgh head coach Jamie Dixon and host Matt Winer discussed the enormity of Florida Gulf Coast’s win and the meteoric rise of the program since it entered Division I. As Dixon passed along the program’s RPI over the last few years, the TBS cameras showed the FGCU players jumping up and down in the locker room, celebrating and throwing water like a bunch of college kids who, well, just happened to make the Sweet Sixteen as a 15 seed. It looked like fun.

Seth Davis, who couldn’t help but comment on the rolling video, also thought it was fun. “Fucking” fun, actually.

Yes, yes it does. Fucking fun. You can say it.