The Best Sports-Related Sharknado Tweets; With Magnificent SJ Sharks Burn On ESPN

  • Rick Chandler

My favorite thing about Sharknado was not the visuals, but rather the dialogue. My favorite line: “We can’t just stay here and let sharks rain down on us…”

No, we can’t. We must Tweet about it.

Actually, first we should ask, “What would Les Miles do?” (See above).

I’m not going to explain what Sharknado is, because if you don’t know, you’re hopelessly out of the loop. It just stopped being the top-trending thing on Twitter, and the ratings have just come in: according to Nielsen, Thursday’s SyFy TV broadcast drew 1.37 million viewers:

Good by Syfy standards but making it merely the 38th most popular English-language program of the night.

By comparison, the network’s previous TV special, Chupacabra vs. the Alamo in March, drew 1.49 million.

But Sharknado was a twitter champion. Chief among the exchanges was this, between ESPN and the San Jose Sharks.

Oh, it burns. Meanwhile, other reaction in the sports world:

GIF: The magnificent LSUfreak.