The Daily Show Investigates Henrik Rummel’s Infamous Medal Ceremony Penis

  • Glenn Davis

Earlier this week, this site delved into the issue of American rower Henrik Rummel’s appearance during the medal ceremony for the men’s four competition – specifically, the appearance of his clearly-visible-through-skintight-shorts penis. Many saw the upturned member and assumed that Rummel was rocking a medal-boner, but Rummel himself maintained it was flaccid, and had others backing him up on that claim.

We thought that settled the issue, but apparently not: last night, The Daily Show conducted its own study on Rummel’s schlong, and neither Jon Stewart nor chief investigator Al Madrigal came to a solid conclusion. They both seemed to want to believe Hummel was erect, but Madrigal was felled by one question: “Who gets a boner for a f—ing bronze?” Oh, and they speculated on a lot of other things that could have been in Rummel’s pants causing the erection illusion, all of them very complimentary to the size of Rummel’s flaccid penis (yes, we’re still taking Rummel at his word). The biggest query posed by Madrigal, though, was what he called a “paradox of physics”:

“Can a penis be both erect and not erect at the same time?”

Forget physics for a second – there’s a philosophy course waiting to be built around that one. See the segment below.