So…There’s A Trading Card Commemorating The Decision?

  • Glenn Davis

One year ago today, LeBron James announced his decision that changed the face of the NBA via, well, The Decision. Remember that? Hard to believe, but true: a full year since we found out where LeBron was taking his talents, a full year since Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans letter. And while plenty has gone down since, we still remember that night a year ago very well…and apparently, trading card company Upper Deck is taking steps to make sure we never forget.

The company recently released its 2011 Goodwin Champions card set, which features interesting artistic depictions of many people in many different sports. And also…scorpions, apparently. CNBC’s Darren Rovell got his hands on this unusual set, and pulled one out with particular significance on this day:

Is it bad that The Decision is so clear in all of our minds even a year later that LeBron’s shirt in a drawing is a dead giveaway as to exactly what we’re looking at? It’s a pretty ordinary shirt. It shouldn’t be that recognizable. Alas, the circumstances under which the shirt was worn were anything but normal, and The Decision has now conquered perhaps the one form of media it heretofore left unscathed. LeBron, you own us all. We are one under your kingdom.