There Are Details On The Escort Service Suzy Favor Hamilton Worked For, And They’re … Sketchy

  • Matt Rudnitsky

We’ve already told you about how Suzy Favor Hamilton went from Olympian runner to prolific Las Vegas escort, all while performing promotional work for Disney. As our own Glenn Davis noted in the original post, we’re certianly not here to judge. But The Daily Beast looked into the escort service, and the details shed some more (sketchy) light on this strange situation.

Once the story leaked, Favor Hamilton apologized and said she did for reasons related to depression. But Favor Hamilton’s escort bio (probably NSFW), under the alias “Kelly,” claims that she did it “with the idea of fulfilling a fantasy… for the short term. (But) after my first date, I was hooked.”

Her profile is certainly … interesting … and the report on the service, “Haley Heston’s Private Collection,” is also certainly … interesting.

The Daily Beast tried to find out who is behind the service, but calls were unreturned. Cached tweets from a now-deleted account advertise “Kelly’s” services as recently as October 16th.

The report found that “the firm” is “breaking local and federal laws by conducting business across state lines,” as Haley Heston advertises in multiple states.

In a blog post cached by The Smoking Gun, the service reassured its clients that “any information shared with us cannot ever be found, released, or subpoenaed. At all. Period, no if’s, and’s, or but’s.” The post also explained that Haley Heston’s website is not hosted in the United States and all contents, including client emails, are “anonymoulsy [sic] hosted by an offshore company, secured in a trust, so that the identity of HHPCollection is not public. Moreover, not even the hosting company knows who we are — we paid with cash.”

Melissa Farley, the executive director of Prostitution Research and Education, a non-profit organization that advocates against prostitution, discussed how common this kind of sketchy business is, and that it’s likely against local, national and international prostitution laws.

“The whole purpose is to avoid the police and avoid detection,” Farley says, “the business of prostitution in most parts of the world depends on being able to help johns stay invisible. The Internet has been a huge boon to pimps because it helps keep everyone invisible.”

Farley says she doesn’t doubt that whoever is behind Haley Heston is most likely a pimp or group of pimps. “They are receiving money from prostitution and they have a great deal of control – both physical and mental – over the women that are in their employ.”

The Daily Beast also dug into reviews of “Kelly,” one of which included this “astute” comment.

One astute john even noted that Kelly “is solid as a rock like a marathon runner.”

Glenn’s referenced conclusion in our first post still stands, as it’s about the only opinion I can muster.

[The Daily Beast; photos via Eat Wisconsin Potatoes and The Smoking Gun]