The Fierce Five Are Stephen Colbert’s Newest, Most Adorable Interns

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

We’ve already seen a few interesting things on the whirlwind tour U.S. Olympians are making throughout the nation’s late night talk show couches. A very disinterested Kevin Durant and James Harden and a similarly unimpressed McKayla Maroney among them. But nothing quite tickled our fancy like the appearance the Fierce Five (and their mothers) made on The Colbert Report Wednesday night.

Watch Stephen Colbert to bring out the absolute best in our Olympic heroes.

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Fierce Five Interns
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Being an intern is an inglorious lifestyle, but if someone’s gotta do it, it should be the Fierce Five and it should be for Stephen Colbert. Leave it to Stephen to pull an amazing stunt like this. Nothing against Jay, Dave, Jimmy and Jon, but this trumps any run-of-the-mill interview. Everything about it.

Things to love: each girl’s delivery; Lynn Raisman’s shoddy, but token acting; the fact that Gabby Douglas has been just about everywhere in the country the last three days and is still a great sport; the proud, sleepy momma’s; and of course, Ms. Maroney’s infamous mug.

Thank you so much, Stephen.