The Los Angeles Kings Burned Conan O’Brien On Twitter

  • Dylan Murphy

Oh, Conan. You got zinged. And not by someone of similar comedic reputation, but by the Los Angeles Kings’ Twitter account, which is most likely run by a college intern. You haphazardly flung a dated joke, that hockey doesn’t belong in warm places, at a dated matchup – note that the below tweet appears three days after the end of the Kings-Coyotes series. But instead of silence, the Kings bestowed us with this gem.

It’s a pleasure to see official Twitter accounts engaging in some back and forth banter. Except, to our childish delight, the Kings returned Conan’s jab with a knockout uppercut. Conan stumbled to his feet and claimed he was watching on DVR, hoping to salvage a quickly deteriorating comedic gaffe. But, in the best move of all, the LA Kings account did not immediately respond, as Conan was left to wade in his deficient comedic fodder and continue to grasp at straws.

Los Angeles Kings hockey 1, Conan O’Brien 0.

[Twitter, via SB Nation]