The NBA Should Let Will Ferrell Announce The Starting Line-Ups At The All-Star Game

  • Dan Fogarty

Above, you’ll see Will Ferrell announcing the starting lineups for the Bulls during their Wednesday night game with the Hornets. It was great, mostly because it looked like Carlos Boozer didn’t like hearing the guy from Anchorman say he still lives with his mom, and Luol Deng wasn’t entertained by Jackie Moon telling the crowd that he collects rare birds.

Ferrell, most of the internet agrees, did a great job. So wouldn’t you like to see him do the same thing for the NBA’s biggest stars? There’s a growing movement to have Ferrell announce the player introductions at the All-Star game, and you can show your support for this movement by liking this Facebook page. I will be doing just that, because visualizing 10 stone-faced All-Stars taking the court as Will Ferrell says ridiculous made-up things about them is something I would like to see. Join the movement, America.