The Olympic Rings Looked Perfectly Fine On Russian TV, Thank You Very Much

  • Eric Goldschein

You may have heard that there was a massive malfunction during the Olympic Opening Ceremony today: one of the five Olympic rings failed to expand, making the Olympic logo look like four rings and an asterisk… or a butthole, depending on who you ask (via BuzzFeed UK):

But if you were watching the event on television in Russia, you saw the ring explosion as it was intended, thanks to some handy doctoring by Rossiya 1, the Russian state TV station. Producers cut away to recorded rehearsal footage where the fifth ring functioned, to “preserve the images and the Olympic tradition”:

russia tv rings doctored

The NBC tape-delay version of the Ceremony will show the rings malfunctioning, because America would never, ever lie to you.

[BI Sports]

Photo via AP