The Phoenix Suns, Home of Devin Booker, Are Probably The Funnest Lottery Team You’ll Ever See

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

The Phoenix Suns, currently at 22-51, are not going to the NBA playoffs, though with their incredible youth, they would probably be right at home in the in-progress NCAA Tournament, as our own Dan Russo covered recently.

But when it comes to teams whose win totals are in the 20’s, the Suns are somehow making their exploits must-see television, gold for subscribers of NBA League pass, and not in the “LOL Knicks!” type of way.

Last night’s 130-120 loss to the Boston Celtics may have been a result Suns fans are getting sick of over the past few seasons, but they surely can’t hate on Devin Booker, who was apparently inspired by his city’s average monthly high temperature in Beantown last night, as he put up a whopping 70 points, becoming the 7th player in NBA history to tally such a number, an illustrious list that includes Wilt Chamberlain and Kobe Bryant.

Despite the loss, the Suns were more than happy to celebrate history, surrounding Booker in a pic emulating the famous “100” photo Chamberlain took after his historic night.

History in the Garden ☘️#BeLegendary #Family

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Several Celtics took exception to the post. Jae Crowder left a negative comments from his own comment, while Isaiah Thomas chastised Phoenix for allowing Booker to chase the mark, and quipped afterwards pointed out that the Suns would be heading to the lottery while the Celtics would be heading to the playoffs (ironically enough, Boston is heading to both due their ownership of whatever picks the Brooklyn Nets draw in the upcoming lottery).

However, in the effort to make basketball fun again, it’s fun to see the Suns celebrate a teammate’s accomplishment and add a little heat to an otherwise mostly meaningless interconference game in March. Enjoy them while you can though…Phoenix and their delightfully young lineup plays nine more games this season.