The Problem With Calling Chris Bosh “Bosh Spice”

  • Dan Fogarty

Like many people, professional blusterer Skip Bayless is a fan of ripping on the Miami Heat‘s awkward third wheel, Chris Bosh. Bosh is an easy target, because he does things like tap microphones in a weird way, he says funny things during interviews, and he is a fan of his teammates’ scarves.

We do not expect behavior like this from our professional athletes. We expect them to be socially graceful cool guys, which is not what Chris Bosh is. He is, at times, gawky in his dealings with teammates and the media, sometimes with admittedly hilarious results.

There’s a certain uncomfortable undertone to the way Bayless goes about making fun of Bosh, though. Maybe it was after the whole crying in the locker room thing, or maybe it was even before then, but some time over the course of Bosh’s up-and-down first season with the Heat, Bayless took to calling him “Bosh Spice” on ESPN. And then he did it again. And again. Until every time he talked about Chris Bosh, he called him “Bosh Spice.”

(Literally, every time. He would mention Bosh, pause, flash the camera an incredibly dickish smirk, and say “Or, as I like to call him… Bosh. Spice.”).

The inference here, of course, is that Bosh is soft. Or that he’s somehow not quite a man. Which would mean that he’s a woman, as Jalen Rose pointed out today.

These aren’t the first rumblings about Chris Bosh’s non-manhood. An announcer once referred to him as “RuPaul.” A Chicago radio station recently made a parody ┬ámusic video about his sexuality (and in the NBA, and sports in general, when you call someone gay, you are calling them a sissy).

This is not what Skip Bayless did, per se. He did not call Chris Bosh a transsexual. He didn’t say he was gay, at least outright. But he called him “Bosh Spice,” which is a veiled way of saying something much uglier.